Product Features

From novel test suite generation to real-time LLM evaluation, the Patronus suite of features provide end-to-end solutions, so you can confidently deploy LLM applications at scale.


Evaluation Runs

Leverage our managed service to score model performance based on our proprietary taxonomy of criteria.

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LLM Failure Monitoring & Observability

“Sentry for LLM Failures”:  Continuously evaluate and track LLM performance for your AI product in production using the Patronus Evaluate API

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Patronus Datasets

Use our off-the-shelf, adversarial testing sets designed to break models on specific use cases

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Developed with 15 financial industry domain experts, FinanceBench is a high quality, large-scale set of 10,000 question and answer pairs based on publicly available financial documents like SEC 10Ks, SEC 10Qs, SEC 8Ks, earnings reports, and earnings call transcripts.

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Developed with AI researchers at Oxford University and MilaNLP Lab at Bocconi University, SimpleSafetyTests is a diagnostic test suite to identify critical safety risks in LLMs across 5 areas: suicide, child abuse, physical harm, illegal items, and scams & fraud.

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Developed with MosaicML, EnterprisePII is the industry’s first LLM dataset for detecting business-sensitive information. The dataset contains 3,000 examples of annotated text excerpts from common enterprise text types such as meeting notes, commercial contracts, marketing emails, performance reviews, and more.

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Test Suite Generation

Auto-generate novel adversarial testing sets at scale to find all the edge cases where your models fail.

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Compare models side by side to understand how they differ in performance in real world scenarios.

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Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) Testing

Verify that your LLM-based retrieval systems consistently deliver reliable information with our cutting-edge RAG and retrieval testing workflows.

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