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Automated AI Evaluation

Detect LLM mistakes at scale and use generative AI with confidence

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Boost Your Confidence in Generative AI.

LLMs can be unreliable. We get it. We can help.  Use Patronus AI anywhere, the industry-first automated evaluation platform for LLMs.

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Commercial models
Fine-tuned LLMs
Pretrained models


Retrieval systems
Routing Architectures
Prompt Chains

Platform Capabilities

Evaluation Runs

Leverage our managed service to score model performance based on our proprietary taxonomy of criteria

Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) Analysis

Verify that your AI models and products consistently deliver top-tier, dependable information with our cutting-edge RAG and retrieval testing workflows

Test Suite Generation

Auto-generate novel adversarial testing sets at scale to find all the edge cases where your models fail

LLM Failure Monitoring & Observability

“Sentry for LLM Failures”:  Continuously evaluate and track LLM performance for your AI product in production using the Patronus Evaluate API

Patronus Datasets

Use our off-the-shelf, adversarial testing sets designed to break models on specific use cases


Compare models side by side to understand how they differ in performance in real world scenarios

What they say about us
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What they say about us

Engineers spend a ton of time manually creating tests and grading outputs. Patronus assists with all of this and identifies exactly where LLMs break in real world scenarios.

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Linus Lee
AI Lead at Notion
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What they say about us

Evaluating LLMs is multifaceted and complex. LLM developers and users alike will benefit from the unbiased, independent perspective Patronus provides.

Profile picture of Max Bartolo
Max Bartolo
Command Modeling Lead at Cohere
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What they say about us

Testing LLMs is in its infancy. The best methods today rely on outdated academic benchmarks and noisy human evaluations -- equivalent to sticking your finger in water to get its temperature. Patronus is leading with an innovating approach.

Profile picture of Andriy Mulyar
Andriy Mulyar
Co-founder and CTO of Nomic AI
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